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le Kanaru's 2013 Summary by kanaruaizawa16 le Kanaru's 2013 Summary by kanaruaizawa16
Original blank meme here.

  1. January: Ariadna Belevika -Night of the Knights-
  2. February: -Determination-
  3. March: Yonny Hernández - 2013 season
  4. April: Hoshi ni natta ~ Ten years without Daiijro Kato
  5. May: Reina Tanaka - Help Me!!
  6. June: Don't dare to mess with Tiago
  7. July: Rossifumi Ganbatte! - Norick Abe
  8. August: Jarno Saarinen - Happy Engineer's Day!
  9. September: Ayame from Matenrou Opera
  10. October: Marina Cabrini
  11. November:Trolling Michael
  12. December:Koichi Hayami


Though in the personal was not a very good year, I had a decent artistical side year. And also with some great things, like to fulfill my main purpose of the year, who was to get the kangaroo bag I wanted since so much time.

I think this year was mostly very stable on my style, in summary. But also, I tried to put so many topics, since I did not just stuff for MotoGP Project, also things of other fandoms. Something that also helped me was my recent interest on the music of Japanese idol girlbands. And my attempts of Livestream in early year.

But, from June, since some stuff, I had to keep little activity.

Nothing more to say.

In the emotional side, I think the position is very fought (?). Triple draw for my drawings of April, August and December. In the technical, I think the one of May, and one who is not on this summary, but it was a total madness: My new wallpaper of X JAPAN.

2014, here we go! =D


Artwork by =kanaruaizawa16.

Credits to *redheadstock and =ElephantWendigo for the meme.
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